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Equipments:  Most of the children play barefoot or are sharing a pair of sandals.  You can help by collecting new and used soccer cleats for the team.  

Transportation:  Transporting the boys and girls to the various competitions has proved challenging.  

Reaching vulnerable and underprivileged boys and girls through Soccer

Kakamega Legend Sports Club was established in 2015.  The club identifies boys and girls between the age of 9 and 17 and molds athletes. Mentorship programs.  The children come from various backgounds, but most are from moderately to extremely impoverished homes.  Aim produce not honly successful athletes but successful in school and life.  


Motto: Inspire & Empower

Some of the children living in the Gardner Granny home are those same are some of those Granny was caring for at the time of her passing. These children continue to feel a great affection for her and still miss her terribly.

Carolyne inspires many with the stories of Granny’s love. Granny’s deep spirituality had a tremendous influence on Carolyne as well as the group of orphans occupying the Gardner Granny Home.

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