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Daisy Centre & School is a school campus in Bukura, Kenya run by Carolyne Ashiono, a gifted educator and administrator. Carolyne has dedicated all her adult life to humanitarian work and particularly, developing and leading school programs.


Until 2003, Kenya had no public education.  When Kenya reinstated public schools, children were required to wear uniforms and shoes, and be able to pay school fees, all of which continue to create barriers for the education of many families. Public education ends at 8th grade with any additional education that children receive beyond 8th grade must be paid for by families.  On average, boarding schools cost between between $1,600 to $2,000 per school year and is out of reach for many families. 

In 2012, Lifting Lives participating with others in developing the Daisy Centre and School. Lifting Lives participated as a donor to the land purchase and the initial construction. Temporary structures were put in place immediately and a spacious 4-classroom structure was designed and construction commenced. 


Today, Daisy Centre and School serves more than 500 children from preschool age until eighth grade.  The school is working toward the goal of building a high school on campus. Daisy Academy provides education opportunities for children who previously did not have access to school. With Daisy consistently ranked as a top school in the area, the education is superior!

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