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Our orphan home is named the Gardner Granny home.  The "Granny" portion of the name is in honor of Lydia Nyangweso, affectionately known to all who knew her as “Granny”.  Granny cared for abandoned and orphaned children for 40 years, up until her passing in 2008. From a fairly young age, Lydia was a widow. She raised Carolyne, the founder and director of Daisy Centre and School and current guardian of the Gardner Granny children.  


Over the years, Granny extended love and care for the many children as though they were her own. Carolyne attributes her greatest strengths to the inspiration and love that Granny provided. Granny toiled every day of her life to seeking work that would pay enough for her to provide meals for the children she was caring for.​​


The oldest Gardner Granny children were being cared for by Granny at the time of her passing. These children continue to feel a great affection for her and still miss her terribly.  Carolyne inspires many with the stories of Granny’s love. Granny’s deep spirituality had a tremendous influence on Carolyne as well as the group of orphans occupying the Gardner Granny Home.

The Home

The Gardner Granny home is a beautiful, 2,700 square foot structure that serves as a permanent home for 24 children.  It is located within the secure grounds of the Daisy Centre and School campus.  The Gardner Granny home is different from other orphanages and instead serves an orphan family home.  The children are cared for by a house matron and they care about each other as family members. 


As the children grow older they move into a boarding facility on campus.  They continue to eat and spent time at the home and live in the boarding facility as they prepare to transition and move on to high schools. 

The Gardners

Cindy and Reed Gardner, of Farmington Utah, were the primary inspiration behind the construction of the orphan home.  Their determination and skill culminated in the expedited completion of a place where orphaned children can find peace and safety and a sense of family as they gain their education.​

Besides their behind-the-scenes work to finance the construction, the Gardners, along with members of their family and devoted circle of friends, were able to participate in the actual construction of the home.


During their work excursions from Utah to Kenya, the children, staff, and teachers at the school developed a mutual affection for Cindy and Reed.


When the home was finally built, painted, tiled and furnished, the children entered with reverence and excitement. The first night the children slept in their new home, they slumbered under new sheets and quilts, gathered and sewn by Cindy herself. On each pillow was a gift-wrapped package of new pajamas for each of the children. For most of these children it was their first experience sleeping in an actual bed. We lost our dear friend Cindy Gardner on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014. 


The Gardners shared Granny's desire to love and care for others and so it is fitting that the orphan home bares the shared name of the "Gardner Granny Home".  

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